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Leverage Strengths. Identify Opportunities.

You’re looking for ways to ensure that you’ve got the right people in the right seats on the bus. You know quality assessment tools administered and debriefed by a qualified coach can provide you with the data you need to reflect on how a leader shows up and how other’s perceive their behaviors. In fact, using assessments as a part of any development process can help determine what drives a leader, where their skills are best used, and show them areas of development for future career opportunities.

LMA provides a comprehensive list of assessment tools that are proven effective for both individuals and teams.

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360 Feedback Interviews

When we learn how others see us, we gain an extraordinary opportunity to build solid relationships with the people we depend on to succeed. 360 degree feedback provides that opportunity by revealing leaders' strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

Our 360 degree assessment will reveal powerful insights whether you are trying to solve a leadership challenge, strengthen team dynamics, or improve a process. The results will help you understand where you are excelling and what changes will enable you to reach your greatest potential.

How does it work? You identify your stakeholders, we interview them and identify themes for development. We’ll create a report for you and debrief your areas of opportunity. Later, we can interview these same stakeholders to determine if progress has been made. It’s a great way to measure coaching results and gain the support of your most important advocates.