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Growth Through New Learning

At LMA, we use the metaphor of the Hero’s Journey as a template for developmental transformation and self-discovery. We approach leadership development as something deeply practical and personal. We’ve created approaches to building skills and changing mindset that allow leaders to build strong relationships with self and others and get outstanding business results.

Our learning programs are rooted in theories of emotional-intelligence, mindfulness, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology, adult learning, and human dynamics. They are designed to complement the work we do in 1:1 Leadership Coaching and Team Coaching.

We believe a leader’s development work begins with self-awareness.

Furthermore, we believe one-time training “events” are great for knowledge acquisition, but seldom deliver sustained behavior change. Therefore, our unique Master Classes are all designed to enable action learning and to provide participants with leadership practices, tools and methodologies they can use immediately in their current roles.

Using a coaching paradigm for change, each of our Master Classes is delivered as a series of small group, interactive workshops over several months. The workshops are designed to maximize participation and sharing and sustain the momentum of change. Participants will have reflective “homework” assignments between workshops and have ample opportunity to apply their new learning and to experiment with new behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Participants are coached toward their goals using a development plan that encourages accountability and results.


Clients select our Master Classes when they're looking for a time-tested, cost-effective means to offer their leaders skill development in key areas.

Each of our Master Classes can be tailored for a variety of audiences. We work closely with our clients to make sure that this learning is offered to the right people at the right time in the best way for them.

Read more about the Master Classes we offer.

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